listen to my Journey Through Water

Rae Miller´s music crisscrosses the terrain of country, Americana, bossa nova, jazz, rock and roll, and blues.

She has been playing music and writing songs since taking over the family guitar around the age of 10. Captivated early on by the vibration of tightly tuned strings, she studied classical violin, and has played electric bass in a few rock bands. Her songwriting has evolved over the years, but still bubbles up from a deep emotional well.

Rae MillerTitled Journey Through Water, Rae´s debut CD features thirteen all-original songs as multi-faceted as the musician herself.

The song “Ordinary Love” was inspired by her love of Brazilian Bossa Nova music and its dreamy qualities. She sings “we are living in a magic world, filled with ordinary love…”.   “Rodeo” is a 2-step country story of a shaggy buckaroo that comes across a sweet spell at the county fair.  The lilting “Rainbow” evokes shimmering intensity – “I wouldn’t ask, I wouldn’t ask… but I have reached the edge…”.   A drum loop drone and mysterious bell tones create the atmosphere for “Desert Trip” – “oh, what have we become?  now we’re nothing but the rain…”.

Throughout her voice is haunting and raw, sometimes ragged, and occasionally ecstatic. Her plaintive lyrics will linger with you long after each song is over, leaving you somehow transformed, perhaps wiser and wistful.